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Lumbar & Cervical Traction

Traction is a minimally invasive treatment option for neck and back pain. It has proven to be an effective mechanism providing patients with pain relief and increased mobility. The main principle behind lumbar and cervical traction is to decompress the spine. When a disc herniates or ruptures, the inner part of the disc protrudes causing pressure on the vertebrae and nerves. By stretching the spine, the displaced material is able to reposition itself to the core of the disc. This allows for more flexibility and movement as well as pain relief.

At Hamburg Physical Therapy, traction may be applied manually by the therapist or mechanically while lying on a treatment table. Through controlled force, traction gradually stretches the neck/back.

Mechanical cervical traction is applied utilizing a head harness while the patient is lying in a supine position. Mechanical lumbar traction is applied utilizing a harness applied around the midsection while lying on a split table. In both instances force is applied gradually in timed increments.

Traction is rarely used alone. It is, however, a valuable component of a comprehensive treatment plan for many painful conditions.